Vehicle Enhancement

Level 1 – Cleaning & Decontamination

From $350

20+ Stage Decontamination Including:

  • The vehicle is treated with snow-foam to loosen and remove larger debris and road grim.
  • The vehicle is washed using the zero bucket system to prevent any debris being moved across onto the vehicle.
  • Vehicle is treated with an iron-remover to cleanse ferrous road deposits.
  • Exterior vents, door shuts & sills cleaned.
  • Wheels are cleaned using a non-acidic cleaner and wheel-specific brushes.
  • The vehicle is blown dry to prevent any additional damage.
  • Vehicle specific clay is used over the surface of the paint to remove surface contamination.
  • Road tar remover is used to dissolve road grime & tar as well as insects and other suborn contamination.
  • Exterior trim is restored & tyres are dressed
  • A machine polisher is used to remove light swirls and provide a high gloss finish


  • One layer of our preferred high grade carnauba wax is applied to the paint surface, ensuring a durable level of protection. We’ll talk you through our range of sealants and waxes at the inspection.


  • Interior vacuumed.
  • Interior plastics & trim are cleaned using the very best products.
  • Carpet & Seats spot cleaned & extracted.
  • Windows cleaned.

Level 2 – Gloss Enhancement

From $660

Correction Level: 70-80%

Cleaning & Decontamination Plus:

  • Ultrasonic Paint thickeness gauge technology used to create a “map” of the layers of paint.
  • 1 to 2 stage gloss enhancement correction to remove minor surface swirling and imperfections to provide a gloss with more depth and clarity.
  • This single stage refining process is capable of removing in the region of 70-80% of the swirl marks that are currently present and will achieve a huge amount of clarity to the finish. This service also acts as the base service in preparation for a Gtechniq ceramic coating or Paint Protection Film application.

    Level 3 – Minor Correction

    From $890

    Correction Level: 80-95%

    Level 2 – Gloss Enhancement Plus:

    • Ultrasonic Paint thickeness gauge technology used to create a “map” of the layers of paint.
    • Three stage paint correction to remove a larger amount of defects/imperfection as well as holograms.
    • For most vehicles then this service usually achieves around 80-95% defect removal.

    Level 4 – Major Correction

    From $1,100

    Correction Level: 95-99%

    Level 3 – Minor Correction Plus:

    • Ultrasonic Paint thickeness gauge technology used to create a “map” of the layers of paint.
    • Three to Five stage paint correction to remove a heavy swirl marks, holograms and minor scratches.
    • For deeper scratches, wet sanding is used to level the clear coat.
    • Wheels removed, corrected & coated with Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour. Calipers corrected & coated where required.

    Level 5 – Full Body De-Texture (Orange Peel Removal Process)

    From $POA

    Correction Level: Upto 100%

    Level 5 – The Ultimate Treatment

    This package is designed to remove the texture or “orange peel” effect from the clear coat of the paint that is found in almost all modern clearcoats.

    The process starts by a full Level 1 decontamination followed by the use of specialist tools to remove the high spots in the cleacoat that cause the texture.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long do these packages take to complete?

    Depending on the package most suitable for you, our Enhancement packages take between 1 – 10 days to complete. 

    Can these services be performed at my house or place of work?

    No. All our paint correction & protection services are carried out at our Eagle Farm & Hillcrest branches. These climate controlled workshops are purpose built and fitted with all the latest equipment to ensure the best possible finish. 

    What level does my vehicle require?

    This depends on a few factors. Budget & time constraints play a big role however the future intentions on the vehicle also play a big role. Our team can discuss your specific requirements.

    What level of finish can I expect?

    Many factors can affect the finish obtained from paint correct such as original paint condition, quality of original paint, type & hardness of clearcoat. Due to this we always perform an initial inspection before any pricing or expectations can be discussed. We do however garentee world class service & the very best possible finish.

    Trust Our Team for Car Paint Restoration

    To some people, their vehicles are more than a piece of equipment they use for transportation. Whether it’s a classic that you don’t usually see around anymore, a performance model that you want to cherish, or simply a car that you fell in love with, you’ll do everything in your power to ensure it remains in peak condition. In terms of the vehicle’s appearance, over the years, the paintwork can become dull. Worse, it could peel away from the body of the car. While it may appear that your world is crashing down, a professional car paint restoration can have your car looking just the way you remember for several years in the future. SD Detailing is a reputable company providing a range of automotive services, including paint correction.

    Signs You Require Car Paint Restoration Near Brisbane

    Car enthusiasts are excellent at maintaining the condition of their vehicles, but general car owners pay little attention to the exterior detail. While the mechanical functions and the interior elements of a car are essential, the paintwork plays a significant role in its overall appearance. If the car’s paint is fading or breaking away from the body, regularly taking it to the car wash won’t improve the condition. It’s at this point that you require car paint correction. If you’re unsure when you need a professional’s services, perhaps these signs will provide an indication.

    • Rust is kryptonite to a car. As the arch-nemesis, you should always inspect your vehicle for the presence of the orange plague. Several reasons can be to blame for the creation of rust, such as an accident, poor driving habits, or exposure to poor weather conditions. If you can see rust starting to form on the car’s body, it’s cause for concern and urgent action. The paintwork may begin to bubble up in certain areas, and when you inspect further, you’ll find large patches of rust. It’s advisable to obtain assistance from a professional to address this situation.
    • If you have a layer of paint protection film on the car, it may start to peel over time due to overexposure to harsh elements. When it completely comes off the vehicle, it leaves your original paint at the mercy of external conditions. Dirt, debris, and other pollutants can lodge themselves in certain parts of the paintwork, which slowly starts to affect the appearance negatively. Look for bubbles or discoloured areas on the car’s body that indicate that the clear coat is about to peel away. The only solution in this regard is paint restoration by a reputable company.
    • As a car owner, there’s nothing worse than being utterly careful when you’re driving, only for another driver to accidentally scratch your vehicle when they’re backing out of a parking spot. Imagine heading out for the day and coming back to a car that’s displaying considerable scratch damage. There’s nobody else around, and the culprit is long gone. That feeling is frustration, but you have a larger problem on your hands – what to do next. It’s at this point that the services of a competent automotive detailer are handy. They should guide you regarding possible solutions and offer further assistance.
    • If you constantly expose your vehicle to the sun’s UV rays, it can lead to the surface paint drying out and cracking. Not only is it an eyesore, but it causes further damage to the rest of the paintwork on the car. Additionally, the existing paint can become extremely dull, and while wax can assist in protecting the paintwork, you’ll require proper skills to restore the car to showroom condition. An automotive protection company will solve the problem by sanding down the imperfections and adding a BMW paint protection.
    • Dents in a car is a common occurrence since multiple factors can cause this abnormality. It could be the result of backing up into a gate, pole, or another vehicle. It’s a serious issue if the dent exposes your vehicle’s metal parts as it leaves the surface open to further deterioration. It’s essential to address the situation by consulting with an advanced detailing facility.

    The Benefits of Paint Correction Near Brisbane

    Damage to your vehicle can be heartbreaking, especially when you’ve worked hard to finally own the car. However, it’s part of life, and accidents are exactly that, but there is a way to work around the despair. Instead of reflecting on the car’s poor condition, you can look into the benefits of paint correction near the Gold Coast.

    • Opting for a paint restoration near Brisbane allows you to return the condition of your car to its condition when you first drove off the dealer’s lot. Whether the vehicle is ageing or you’ve completed extensive collision repairs, only a professional automotive detailer can assist with obtaining that showroom appearance.
    • If you own a classic or a car that has been with you for a while and you feel as if it’s time to place it on the market, you must consider car paint correction near Brisbane. Dull and worn-out paint isn’t the best place to sell from, especially when you have a specific figure in mind. Buyers will undoubtedly turn you down or offer next to nothing for the vehicle. However, restoring the car’s paintwork takes you to a position of strength when negotiating since it looks appealing.
    • Cars comprise steel in their bodies which can absorb impact energy. Consequently, in an accident, the occupants are relatively safe because of the material. However, steel is highly susceptible to corrosion which is why certain treatments are essential. A proper paint job serves as a layer of protection against the extreme weather elements and keeps moisture far from the structural steel. You won’t experience corrosion for as long as the paint layer remains intact.
    • Immediately after your Porsche restoration, you’ll find it easy to find the motivation to clean your car. A fresh layer of auto paint not only restores the vehicle but also your underlying love and passion for the car. Maintaining the surface is easier and won’t require significant investment.

    About SD Detailing

    We’re one of the best automotive detailing companies offering a premium service while using the best products available on the market. Our team has years of experience in the industry and ensures we conduct precise preparation work before applying your new protection paint. You can expect customer service of the highest quality when you collaborate with us on your car detailing. Contact us to discuss your requirements or to obtain a quote within the same day.