Unfortunately, scratches & paint defects are common on new vehicles. This damage can happen in transit and even straight from factory.

Our new car protection packages ensure your vehicle is looking its best & protected for years and easy to maintain.

We have a range of packages to suit all vehicles & budgets.

First steps of our Gorgeous Ferrari Roma full car protection 👇

1️⃣Decontamination wash
2️⃣Paint correction
3️⃣Second decontamination wash
Yes, a second wash is highly important after a correction to ensure paint is perfect & clean prior to PPF application!

Custom Cut Full Body Paint Protection Film (PPF) installation followed by a clear lacquer to all external plastic surfaces.

Key Benefits of PPF

  • Precision-cut kits ensure almost invisible fit
  • The only physical protection layer against damage to your vehicle
  • Only the very best films are used to ensure long life and great protection
  • We develop our own in house patterns and have over 5 years experience creating and applying PPF kits.

The lacquer to external plastics helps maintain the surface colour and protect from UV damage.

That Pop of Yellow 😎!

Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour applied to wheels and calipers for extra protection when on the road,
During this stage, each wheel is decontaminated individually and then Ceramic Coated
This coating makes wheels look better for longer with the added benefit of quicker maintenance washes long into the future.

Lastly this Beautiful Ferrari had a full interior & glass protection package 👇

✅Gtechniq leather guard
✅Gtechniq smart fabric
✅Ceramic window tint
✅minor custom PPF on a few interior surfaces

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