The Only Physical Vehicle Protection Available

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film (PPF, also called clear braclear film or clear paint film) is aThermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film with a self healing top coat. It is applied to the surface of the vehicle in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions. 

We also use this film on Motorcycles, Aircraft and Watercraft.

See below for all of our Frequently Asked Questions on PPF.

Key Benefits

  • Precision cut kits ensure almost invisible fit
  • The only physical protection layer against damage to your vehicle
  • Only the very best films are used to ensure long life and great protection
  • We develop our own in house patterns and have over 5 years experience creating and applying PPF kits.


What is PPF made from?

PPF is made from a unique mix of urethanes and polimers to provide almost indistinguishable optical clarity while being exceedingly strong.

What warranty is provided?

The vast majority of films on the market carry a 5 year warranty against yellowing, cracking and distortion. However our prefered film SunTek Ultra carries a 10 year warranty against the above.

Does PPF really self heal?

Yes! The top coat contains a very special product that enables it to heal from minor scratches and abrasions over time. Typcially in a matter of hours. This process can be sped up by the application of a little hot water.

How many times it can self heal?

Due to the product used, PPF can self heal an indefinate number of times as long as the top coat is not punctured.

How long with the self healing top coat last?

As long as the vehicle is regularly washed, the top coat should last the life of the film. We reccomend period application of film coatings such as our reccomended Gtechniq Halo to help extend the life of the film. 

Package Options:

Front Facing Protection Pack

Our entry level package protects the main front facing components from stone chips & other damage. This is the modern day version of the classic “car bra”. Our kits however do not fade over time, damage the paint or look hideous! Our kits are virtually invisible and provide true front facing protection

 Front Bumper
 Side Mirrors
 30cm Bonnet Protector

Full Front Protection Pack

Providing the next stage of protection from our Front Facing kit, our Full Front kit also protections the guards & full bonnet

 Front Bumper
 Side Mirrors
 Full Bonnet
Front Guards

Track Pack Protection Pack

Our track package provides the best protection for vehicles requiring the next level of protection. Supercars, sports tourers or other vehicles with flaired rear arches or intake ducts benefit from the sideskirt protection.

 Front Bumper
 Side Mirrors
 Full Bonnet
Front Guards
 A Pillars
 30cm Roof Protection
 Side Skirts/Intakes

Full Vehicle Protection Pack

Our full coverage packages provides complete protection for those who demand only the best. No painted surface will be left unprotected & this package also includes protection for external lights. We can tailer this package to suit any vehicle. Please contact us to discuss a packafge to suit your vehicle.

 Full Vehicle Protection

Keep Your Vehicles Spotless and with Our Car Paint Protection Services

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to keep their vehicle spotless and without scratches, which is why we believe anyone can benefit from our car paint protection services. We give any of your vehicles a beautiful glossy coat that provides extensive protection no matter the weather or time of the year. Choose SD Detailing for world-class car detailing services.

The Benefits of Choosing New Car Paint Protection from Our Team

Choosing our team when you need car paint protection in Brisbane means getting an extensive range of benefits. We understand that a favourite car means a lot more to an owner than a form of transport. It’s the way you express yourself on the road. Consider the following methods to get the best protective paint treatment experience available to you:

  • We help you increase the lifespan of your car’s paint job with our paint protection film in the Gold Coast. You picked the vehicle you love in the colour you love, and you should have access to a team that can assist you in keeping it looking fantastic for the near future. Repainting your car due to damage or scratches can be very costly, but luckily you won’t have to worry about that if you have an invisible protective sleeve put over the paint of your car by our professionals.
  • While driving your favourite car can quickly become an afternoon pastime, washing it can be rather tedious. A protective paint can reduce the need for washing your vehicle. Our protective sleeves not only keep your paint looking fantastic but it helps prevent the build-up of dirt and grime on your car. Less dirt and grime mean you spend less time washing the vehicle when you do, and that won’t have to be too often.
  • You get decent scratch protection for your car. Scratches not only look terrible when they do happen but can become a problematic process to fix. While Mercedes-Benz paint protection won’t stop deep scratches, it will help fend off surface-level scratches that can occur simply from driving your vehicle around. Suddenly small pieces of the terrain flicking up against your paint is not something to concern yourself with anymore.
  • When the time comes for you to sell your car or even trade it in for a different model, you want to get the most value possible from it. You get to retain more of the resale value of your car with a Mercedes paint protection. Having a protective film on your car allows you to maintain a little more of the resale value due to the consistent protection it provides and how well it retains the vibrancy of your paint job.
  • Overall, you will save many hours of your own time. If the prices involved in getting the vehicle’s paint job fixed is not a problem for you, consider the amount of time you save. Sending a vehicle in for a paint fix can take much longer if the vehicle does not have a protective film over its paint. With our protection paints, you will soon realise just how much time you save without having to spend it waiting on repairs and repaints.

Tips to Help You Better Maintain Your Paint Protection Film in Brisbane

While getting Porsche paint protection from our team is much more than half the battle, there is still more you can do to make sure you get the most value from our services. Cleaning your car is no longer a tedious process, but there are still a few things you should consider doing. Here are some tips to help you keep your protection paint healthy:

  • While cleaning is no longer a tedious, complicated process, you should not avoid doing it entirely. Make sure not to let any dirt sit on the car for too long. Layers upon layers of dirt can cause your beautiful vibrancy to dull and will create an uneven look in the vehicle’s colour. The best way to keep it looking spectacular and glossy is to wash your car at least once a week.
  • Try always to use microfibre cloths when a car with car paint protection in the Sunshine Coast. The last thing you want is to wrap up the cleaning of your car to realise that the method you used caused some damage to the paint. Microfibre cloths are a reliable way to get a good wash that won’t scratch the paint or cause any other problems for your protective film.
  • Use separate buckets for your soap and rinsing water when washing your car. Many people opt to use microfibre cloths but forget one of the most important steps: never rinse your cloth in your soapy water. When you wipe dirt from your car, you want to remove any tiny pieces of stone, sticks, or whatever else got stuck to the car before reapplying the cloth. Rinsing in a separate bucket means you won’t have anything sticking to the cloth that can damage your paint.
  • Make sure you use a reliable soap that doesn’t harm your car’s paint over time. While many will simply want to use dishwashing soap, you should make sure you choose a reliable soap that doesn’t contain as many harsh chemicals. You can always talk to our professionals about which soaps we recommend you use after you’ve received a protective paint from us.
  • Talk to our professionals about waxing your car. Wax might prove a nice secondary layer of protection for your paint and your protective sleeve on the car as it helps fend off tiny pieces of debris or dirt. We recommend talking to our team about which waxes you should use, if any, based on your specific car and paint job.
  • Try not to park in the beaming sun too often. If there’s one thing we know about the sun, it’s that it can cause severe damage to almost anything that remains in it for prolonged periods. While there are ways to mitigate UV damage, the best solution remains keeping your vehicle parked under a roof and out of direct sunlight to help increase the longevity of your paints.

Additional Services We Can Offer if You Need More Than PPF in Brisbane

While our car paint protection in the Gold Coast is one of our most beloved products, we can also assist you with a wide range of other services. To provide some up-front clarity about what you can expect from our team, consider the following services we can help you with if you need a little more than Gyeon paint protection:

  • We have extensive services available for vehicle enhancement. There are plenty of options to choose from with five distinct levels based on what you believe your vehicle needs from our team. We start with a cleaning and 20+ stage decontamination on level one. For level two, we add a gloss enhancement to your clean and decontamination that has a correction level of between 70-80%. Level three sees additional minor corrections to achieve a defect removal of between 80-95%. At level four, we add a major correction that will put your vehicle’s defect removal percentage at around 95-99%. Finally, in level five, you also get a full-body de-texture on top of everything else.
  • We can help you keep your wheels protected. We use a product like Gtechniq paint protection, but for your wheels, to help it repel brake-dust and similar contaminants that increase the difficulty of cleaning your car’s wheels. While most car owners often overlook this type of protection, it is highly recommended if you don’t want to deal with annoying wheel cleaning down the line.
  • If you have a leather interior, we can maintain it, clean it, and make it look brand new. Treating leather is not the easiest thing to do if you do not have the right products at hand. Luckily, our team has all the right cleaning products from trustworthy brands to help you breathe new life back into any leather vehicle interior you bring to our shop.
  • If you have any trims on your vehicle that requires protection, why not consider our exterior trim protection? Through a meticulous process, we apply a coating product to your exterior trims that bolster its strength without interfering with the look. While this service is ideal for new trims to help prevent fade, we can certainly apply it to older trims as well.
  • If you want some privacy in your vehicle or simply a darker shade on your windows, we provide a full tinting service. We have a vast selection of tinting films to choose from and work carefully to make sure we deliver a flawless application. You won’t get any bubbling, cracks, or double folds from our tints.

About Our Team and Services for New Car Paint Protection in Brisbane

With years of experience developing in-house patterns as well as creating and applying PPF kits, we understand how to make it work for any vehicle. We have a portfolio of success stories that we happily share with all our customers who want to see some of the beautiful work we’ve done. Every film we apply fits precisely to the vehicle and is something you won’t notice aside from the remarkable, clean look it retains.

We have always wanted everyone to have access to reliable Opti-coat paint protection services. We believe that we have achieved our goal with our customer support, product range, and experienced professionals. Whether for your Mercedes, BMW, AUDI, or Tesla, our paint protection will look fantastic. Call us today and book your vehicle in for the protective paint treatment you’ve been missing.